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Service includes one round of proofreading of your project, focusing on:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling

  • Word usage

  • Typos

  • Missing or repeated words

  • Formatting consistency 

Price: Dependent on project size, complexity, and turnaround time.*

Line- & Copyediting

Service includes one round of line-by-line copyediting of your project, focusing on:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, hyphenation

  • Word usage

  • Editing for clarity

  • Dialogue and tag formatting

  • Checking references and notes

  • Use of tenses

  • Consistency of point of view

  • Logic of chapter sequencing

  • Repetition and wordiness

  • Pace and flow

  • Consistency of characterization and description

  • Standard document formatting, if requested

  • Querying anything questionable

Once an author has accepted/rejected changes with Track Changes on, I offer a complimentary look-over of heavily revised sections to ensure quality control.

Alternatively, clients may request a round of post-revision proofreading for a discounted rate.

Price: Dependent on project size, complexity, and turnaround time.*

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*A note about rates: 
Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) identified that in 2020 the median per word rate was US$0.02–US$0.029 for proofreading, US$0.03–US$0.039 for copyediting, and US$0.04-0.049 for line editing. The price of any given project will, however, depend on the subject matter and turnaround time, as well as on document type, length, and complexity. Read "What's in the price?" for more information.

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See What Others Have to Say

"Sarah's work was very thorough....Her delivery was punctual too."

Sarah’s work on my two articles was very thorough, and I appreciated that she was willing to give the "Track Changes" version of the documents I requested. Her delivery was very punctual too. Thank you, Sarah!

- Caroline H.

"Sarah's work was excellent...thorough, detailed"

Sarah worked with Treehouse Ministries, the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Texas A&M and Blinn College, as the principal grantwriter for a project with the Lilly Foundation. Sarah's work was excellent. Not only was she was thorough, detailed, open to feedback, and brought strong skills in writing and editing, but Sarah had the unique ability to capture and articulate the ministry's emerging vision into compelling written words. As a result of her work, Treehouse received a $100,000 grant, which was the largest grant that the ministry has received. Without Sarah's careful writing, editing, and vision-capturing, I do not believe we would have received this highly competitive grant. I highly recommend her!

- Mindy R.

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