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The Custom Manuscript Masterplan is a manuscript review service in which I'll first, read your manuscript in-depth and second, provide subjective reader-type reactions alongside objective editorial feedback in marginal comments and a written editorial report. With this feedback in hand, you'll know what's working, what's not, and what revisions or further editorial work are needed to create a book that is ready for publication.​

The service is for authors who have written a first draft and aren't sure what to do next or how they should revise; it's for authors who have gone through several drafts but know that something just "isn't right"; it's for authors who have never received outside feedback or who have received too much conflicting feedback; it's for authors who might need a more affordable option for structural feedback; it's for authors who aren't ready for professional editing yet; and it's for authors who want to connect with a professional editor and be encouraged to keep going!

Manuscript review feedback will focus on:

  • Overall theme/message

  • Tone

  • Narrative structure/story arc

  • Flow and pacing (overall and chapter-by-chapter)

  • Point of view and narrative tense

  • Character development/character arcs

  • Historical accuracy/evidence of research

  • Presence of pivotal scenes/missing scenes/gaps in logic

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