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Kind Words From Clients

"I owe Sarah a huge debt. After skim reading both the editorial report and the numerous insights Sarah left in the manuscript itself, I can see just how deeply she immersed herself into the book—thank you! This has been a truly rewarding experience and I would recommend Sarah's services to anyone." 

Colin T.
Detective fiction author

“The manuscript review process was very professional. The inline comments on Sarah's reactions were great. She let me know when I had accomplished a surprise or stirred up an interesting question. I would definitely recommend a manuscript review to other writers.”

R. D. D. Smith
Author of The Robot Surgeon Series

"Sarah was great to work with and got the job done quickly. Thank you!"

Marius H. Visser
Author of The Call of Jonas Creed

"Sarah’s work on my two articles was very thorough, and I appreciated that she was willing to give the 'Track Changes' version of the documents I requested. Her delivery was very punctual, too. Thank you, Sarah!"

Caroline H.
Nonfiction author & blogger

“I had an extremely poor editing job done by a previous 'professional.' Sarah's exceptional timeliness stood out to me. I knew I was receiving quality service when I received her review of the manuscript. Now, I am very happy to have a professional novel!"

James A. Sesnak
Author of Quirk of Fate

"Sarah's utterly transparent, direct, caring, and professional approach, while capturing the heart and soul of the book, helped me find my written voice and kept the flow and tone while tidying up my inexperienced grammar."

Dave Lutes
Author of Guidance, Goofs, & Grace

“Having Sarah as my editor made me feel like we were on the same page. Right away, I felt that I could trust Sarah and that her approach was very professional. She provides security in the way documents are shared; she gave very good feedback and listened to my concerns."

Rebecca Robbins
Author of Breakfast From the Farm

"I wanted to get some professional insight into what was working well and what might need changing before my first revision. Now, I know where I'm going with the story, and I'm excited to finish additions. I loved the personalization of this service, and it was nice to chat with Sarah about it afterwards."

Emma A.
YA fantasy author

"Sarah's attention to detail, professional editing process, clear contract with expectations on the outcome and timelines, thorough review of the manuscript, incorporation of the language standards with high quality, detection of errors and simplification of the process to fix them made the entire editing experience an enjoyable one."

Amritha Kailas
Author of Wisdom of the Unshakeable

“I loved working with Sarah. She was professional and obviously knows her craft. She returned my manuscript in the agreed upon timeline and had great insight on getting my grammar corrected. I look forward to using her services again!"

Susanna Heiskanen
Author of Arctic Paradise

"Sarah’s process was simple and personal. I appreciated the updates through the whole process as I had never worked with an editor before. Now, I feel my book is stronger. Having Sarah's critical voice gave me more confidence."

Eli M.
Fantasy author

“I kept finding too many errors in my book. I'd done the proofreading myself and decided it was time I called in the help of a professional. I was most impressed by Sarah's thoroughness. Sometimes I'd look at an error Sarah had spotted and be amazed that she managed to find it. I now have confidence that readers of my book will not be annoyed by constant minor grammatical and contextual errors."

Mark Moore
Author of The Bewitching Minute & 33 1/3

"My manuscript was finished but not polished. I had tried other proofreaders, but I was hoping for a more professional experience, which is exactly what I got with Sarah. Now my book is on to formatting and cover edits!"

Cortney Raymond
Author of The Meaning of Okay

"I am extremely impressed with Sarah's professionalism. Everything from the forms she had me fill out to uploading my files to the project interface, her ability to meet the deadlines we agreed upon, and our email exchanges. I suspected that I needed to narrow my focus, and with her guidance and feedback, she confirmed this idea. All in all, I can't say enough good things about my experience working with Sarah!"

Monica G.
Creative nonfiction author

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