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To find out more about my editorial services or to speak with me about booking a service, fill out the contact form. I'll be in touch shortly!

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  • How do I know if my book is ready for editing?
    Good question! If your book has had professional editing from a developmental editor or feedback from beta readers, and you've been told that the structure of the book is sound, then you're probably ready. That said, I offer the Custom Manuscript Masterplan (a manuscript review), and I have found that it is particularly helpful for authors who are unsure about what kind of editing their book needs. In the review, I'll check to make sure that the story-level concerns (plot, character development, world-building, etc.) are in place, and then I'll tell you exactly what type(s) of editing the book needs next.
  • Do I really need all of this editing for my book?
    Many authors wonder if they need to take their book through all of the stages of editing, from developmental editing to line or copyediting to proofreading. The answer can be frustrating: it really depends on your publishing goals for your book! In my own business, I seek to mimic traditional publishing as much as possible by offering two comprehensive stages of editing in each custom editorial package (line- and copyediting + proofreading). If authors first book the Custom Manuscript Masterplan (a manuscript review), then they're taking their book through three distinct stages—developmental (the manuscript review), line- and copyediting (grammatical and stylistic editing), and proofreading (the final quality-check before publication). Redundancy, while not good in writing, is key to good editing! So the short answer, for me, is yes! If you want to succeed in a competitive market, having a well-crafted and polished book can only help you achieve that goal!
  • Editing is expensive. What if I never make back that money on sales of my book?
    This is a legitimate question and one that every author must consider no matter how they publish. If you're attempting to publish traditionally and you have your book edited before querying, then you'll likely break even with $1 or $2/book royalties over the lifetime sales of your book (depending on how much editing and the type of editing your book received). If you're self-publishing, it's not likely at all that you'll break even with your initial investment even with higher royalties ($4–$5/book) unless you market your book extremely well. This is, of course, all very hypothetical. There's no way to tell how well your book will sell. But before you think I'm pessimistic, hear me out. This is key. All of the above is true for a single book. But successful authors aren't writing one book and calling it quits. Successful authors keep writing and keep publishing. For traditional authors, this means continuing to get book deals and larger advances. For indie authors, this means writing and releasing books in their niche and to their target audience constantly (once a month, once a year, you name it!). If neither of those options sound appealing, then you might just be a hobbyist author, and that's fine! You'll steadily sell books, release new ones as you can, and you'll still benefit from the initial investment you made in your books to make them the best they can be.
  • What genres do you work with?
    I am currently accepting manuscripts in the following genres: YA, science fiction, fantasy, closed-door and low spice historical or contemporary romance, cozy mystery, detective fiction, and more. If you don't see your genre listed here, reach out to see if we might be a good fit!
  • Who do you work with, and who do you not work with?
    I work with authors who are committed to a professional and high-quality approach to book publishing. I work best with authors who are open to receiving feedback and who are seeking a partner or team member to support them on their publishing journey. I especially enjoy working with first-time authors and helping them navigate the industry (it can be a bit wild out there!). That said, if you are not open to change, have difficulty giving up control of your book, or are looking for a quick service for cheap, we won’t be a good fit.
  • What editorial services do you offer?
    In a nutshell, the Custom Manuscript Masterplan (a manuscript review), line- and copyediting, and proofreading. I also help authors write and editor back cover blurbs, book descriptions, query letters, loglines, and more.
  • What is your turnaround time? Do you offer rush services?
    Turnaround time will depend on the length and complexity of the manuscript and the changes that are needed. I do not offer rush services at this time. In general: - 3 weeks for manuscript reviews - 6 to 8 weeks for line- and copyediting - 2 to 3 weeks for proofreading
  • How do I book editorial services?
    The best way to get started is through the contact form above.
  • Do you require a fee to book services?
    In general, I ask authors to pay 50% of the service total up front to secure time on my calendar with the remaining 50% of the total invoiced upon completion of editorial services. I am also happy to discuss monthly payment plan options.
  • Do you require a contract or service agreement to book services?
    Yes. Both author and editor will sign an industry standard service agreement that defines the scope of work and the total cost, as well as providing protection of the author's intellectual property and the editor's business.
  • How much do you charge? Or, what are your rates?
    Every manuscript is different, and the total cost will depend on the services booked, the turnaround time, and the complexity and length (word count) of the manuscript. Starting rates are included on the Services page. Simply click on the underlined title of each service to go to a page that contains more detail about each service, including the starting current starting rate.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    I do! A payment plan allows me to work on a project over the course of an agreed-upon number of months. A predetermined percentage of the total project cost is invoiced each month until full payment is complete.
  • How do you take payments?
    Payments are invoiced and made through HoneyBook, which accepts credit/debit cards and bank transfers.
  • Can you guarantee my book will be free from error?
    While I work hard to provide clients with high quality editing and proofreading services, no editor, including myself, can guarantee that a manuscript will be 100% free of error.
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