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Narrative Tense

Deciding on the right tense for your novel has a direct impact on world-building, character development, and creating an immersive story. A well-written story pulls the reader in, avoiding clunky writing or language that keeps readers at just the right level of closeness and intimacy with the characters. Read more

Your Book's First Ten Pages

Ask anyone and they’ll likely say that writing a book is a hard job. Ask a writer and they’ll likely say that starting to write a book is a harder job. I can sympathize. For many years I’ve desired to write a book, and my biggest hurdle has been the first five to ten pages. I guess it's because those pages are arguably the most important. Read more

Writing Resources


A thesaurus and word tool for creative needs. Includes antonyms, synonyms, rhymes, example sentences, translations, and more.


A capitalization tool for converting titles into the correct case. Includes AMA, AP, APA, Bluebook, Chicago, MLA, NY Times, and Wikipedia, as well as sentence case with proper noun recognition.

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