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You've Completed Your Novel: Next Steps

For most indie authors with a complete novel in hand (or on their computer), the natural next step will be to get other eyes on their manuscript. Read more

Hiring a Beta Reader

Beta readers are a pivotal part of the self-publishing process. They read your manuscript with the eye of an “average” reader, helping to identify areas of improvement. Read more

Reputable Self-Publishing Resources

With the whole wide world of the internet out there, it can be a bit daunting to put your book into the hands of total strangers. How can you know that these professionals are legitimate? Read more

Where Should I Self-Publish?

Let's take a quick "big picture" look at the differences between KDP and IngramSpark. Read more

Self-Publishing Resources


Bowker is the only official ISBN agency for the US. You will need an ISBN for each format of your book (paperback, hardcover, e-book, etc.) and a barcode for each printed version. 


Draft 2 Digital provides authors with free self-publishing tools, including automated conversion and layout templates and distribution of e-books and paperbacks to all major online retailers and hundreds of storefronts worldwide. 

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