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Line- and Copyediting

Line- and copyediting ensures the paragraphs and sentences of a manuscript read consistently and smoothly in the author's unique voice. This phase of editing assumes the structure of the book is complete and does not include any major rewrites or "big picture" suggestions. Each sentence is reviewed for variety, fluidity, word choice, repetition, clarity, and mechanical errors. I may reword or partially rewrite sentences, substitute suggested words or phrases, correct grammatical errors, recommend consistent style choices, and request clarifications throughout the manuscript. Line- and copyediting service includes the creation of a personalized style sheet.

Resources: Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Ed., Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

During line- and copyediting I will focus on:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, hyphenation

  • Word usage and overuse

  • Editing for clarity

  • Dialogue and tag formatting

  • Checking references and notes

  • Use of tenses

  • Consistency of tense and point of view

  • Logic of chapter sequencing

  • Repetition and wordiness

  • Pace and flow

  • Consistency of characterization and description

  • Minor fact-checking (if needed)

  • Standard document formatting, if requested

  • Querying anything questionable

Editing is completed using Track Changes in Word. Authors are responsible for accepting/rejecting all changes to the manuscript. When the author is finished incorporating all edits, they will still need proofreading. See the Proofreading page for more about this service.

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