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Hiring an Editor

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Hidden Benefits of Hiring an Editor

When you hire a professional editor, the obvious benefit is a polished work as free of typos and mistakes as it possibly can be, but there are a few less obvious benefits as well. Read more

Investing in Your Writing Career

Independent authors are faced with many decisions during the self-publishing process, not least of which is determining what type of editing their manuscript needs. The decision to hire a professional editor, in itself, introduces a whole host of choices that can lead very quickly to decision fatigue. Read more

Work Samples

Finding a best-fit editor for your project can be a chore. There’s a sea full of editor-fish but not one of them are alike! A writer must consider what sort of editing their manuscript needs and then seek out editors who provide that kind of editing. They might also want to seek out an editor who has worked with their genre. Read more

The Cost of Editing

There are quite a few articles and blogs circulating around among indie author and editor Facebook groups on what goes into the cost of professional editing. Read more

Finding a Reputable Editor

In an unregulated industry that primarily takes place over the Internet, scammers abound. Indie authors often save for professional editing, and it can be a costly mistake to hire the “wrong one.” Read more

Client Story: Manuscript Review

I’ve received quite a few questions about my new manuscript review service. First, I want to say, no, this is not a review like you might receive for a published book. I understand the confusion. Published authors are always looking for ways to get readers and reviewers, but that is not what my manuscript review service is about. Read more

All About Sample Edits

Not everyone knows they should ask for a sample edit when they are searching for the perfect editor for their book. Here’s what you need to know about this part of the onboarding process. Read more

Lowering Editing Costs

The longer a manuscript takes to edit (no matter how long it is), the higher the cost for authors. Here's how to trim the fat on your manuscript and save money in the process. Read more

Lower Editing Costs
Part 2

In the past, I’ve talked about how freelance editors might charge for their services. There are many ways professionals might do this, but one way I discussed was using the sample edit to determine how many hours a project is estimated to take, applying an hourly rate, and then charging a full project fee. Time is, therefore, money, as the saying goes. Read more

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